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Franchise Development

The escalation of your business model.

The brand of a franchiser is their most precious asset, because their customers decide where to buy based on what they know (or think they know) about the brand. Above all, consumers and franchisees trust it to fulfill their expectations.

Building a successful franchise depends on the creation of a consistent brand.

As owner of the brand, the franchiser must create communication rules, language, application and a vendor portfolio.

We deliver a solid structure under a brand perspective so your business can scale up in a consistent way.

How we help

The first step consists in understanding the maturity of the brand so as to prepare it for a franchising format.
Brand positioning
Creation of a strategic brand platform for distinguishing you from competitors and providing consistency with your relationship.
Brand development
Creation of visual and verbal language for your relationship with the market - the standards that will define your personality.
A brand name will be created when our market studies consider it is necessary, or when the brand is created completely from scratch.
CRM Strategies
Creation of a public relations guideline, considering the product?s scale of value.
Communication channel strategy
The study of channels and personas to define optimal efficiency and usage plans.
Digital communication strategy for the acquisition of new franchisees
Prospection kit for new franchisees including both digital and offline material.
Creation of an institutional website to present your brand, a showcase for conceptual and service presentation.
Support for franchise model implementation
Assistance for implementation and management of communication at early stages.

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