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Segment Design

The first step to change the success rules of your industry.

The most awesome companies in the world don?t simply sell things that are different.

They introduce a new segment into the world. This happens because in the consumer?s mind, things are organized in ?little boxes?. Products gravitate around these boxes in our brains, because these divisions represent segments which help people taking faster purchase decisions.

How we help

Discovering the great insight
A good insight is a great opportunity supported on the solution of a problem from a specific scenario.
Building a clear vision of the future
Building a clear vision of what we believe and why customers should choose us.
Coin the name of a new segment
We want to build a name that acts on people?s minds to inspire them to reach the unimaginable.
Designing a map of success
Building a tool that will support all needed actions for the release of a new segment.
Lightning Strike
It?s the highest force to put the new segment?s discourse out there and trigger communication.
Inside-out planning
A responsibilities and tasks map is created for each team member including success indexes.

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