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Growth Hacking

Speed up your business.

Growth hacking is a new way to work aiming at the fast growth of a business.

Its foundation lays on the application of techniques and tactics, both standard and non-conventional, to accelerate the growth of businesses based on quick results.

This process involves the conduction of experiments, where teams elaborate hypotheses, verify their validity, make tests and then discover opportunities to make your business grow in a smarter way.

How we help

Product validation
We put the product in contact with the public to collect approval rates and feedback.
North star metric
Definition of the business? greater objective that will guide the project?s success and its testing.
Communication strategy
Creative line and discourse for an online and offline approach integrated with the communication of space.
Channel testing
Approach strategy which puts different channels to the test using the Bullseye methodology.
Hypotheses testing and Success Escalation
Hypotheses are put to the test and validated through numbers. Successes are escalated.

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