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The first great step of your new brand.

This activity is apparently simple, but it hides behind a highly engaging, dense, creative and responsible process. Creating a name means to connect with people, to be vocal, simple and above all, checking whether the name is registrable in countries within your business? operational area.

Good cooperative naming has the power to charm clients and potentialize new businesses. A company that bears a good name ensures better marketing positioning and high recognition capacity among business stakeholders.

Company names are like people names: they lend personality to a brand or product.

How we help

Creating a brand name
Start your business right: a good name can be a special ingredient for the success of your company.
Advanced strategic thinking
Creating a name demands creativity, study and strategy. Our team has more than 13 years of expertise building great names.
Applying diverse methodologies
We use up to 6 different name development methodologies to find the ideal name for your business.
Rename your business or product
Another usual process is renaming. It is sometimes necessary for legal or market repositioning reasons
Constant assistance
After creating a name, your business will need proper specialist assistance.
Personality in text
GH has a process that helps entrepreneurs to extract the whole personality of their business and transform it into a textual brand.

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