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Brand Positioning

Every change demands a new positioning.

Many times there is the need to reinvent yourself and reconnect with your public. And everything starts with a brand perspective. A sophisticated solution, a global brand consultancy where we ressignify and solidify base concepts of the brand, such as a clear definition of purpose (master idea), market positioning, brand architecture and communication strategies.

It begins with an in-depth analysis of the brand image perceived by many publics, going through the review of your platform, visual language and closing with a crucial moment, the implementation.

How we help

Discovering the brand's purpose
Understanding the raison d'etre and value proposition of the brand we are developing.
Reconnecting internal and external public
Analysing the perceived image in-depth. Build and consolidate a unique brand on people?s hearts.
Seeking clarity on the perceived message
The brand has to transmit the same message to everyone. It should not be diffuse or confusing.
Repositioning brand and identity
Realigning the brand and visual identity based in new values and purposes of the business
Brand architecture
Outlining the structure and names of the brands and also the relation among them.

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