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Mindset Transformation

Connect your team with the world.

One of the main challenges of digital transformation is on people?s mindsets. In this project, we challenge companies to change the way they think.

Tech and innovation vision is a matter of perspective. All you need is to be open to novelty, to learn and relearn. We are all capable of entering the transformation movement and this is our commitment here. We offer innovation consultancy for mindset change straight from Silicon Valley. An immersion into the Growth Hacker culture based on existing problems.

Agile methodologies are able to put the relevant world trends on a business perspective, causing unprecedented change and disruption.

How we help

Diagnostic and Acculturation
Team interviews, desk research, co-creation workshops, ideation sessions and application of proprietary expertise.
Learning sessions
Sharing industry trends through talks, application of growth hacker tools, leveling session
Insane Hackathon
A day of total immersion, focusing on developing innovative solutions for generating new revenue generation formats.

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