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Websites and Portals

A remarkable digital presence.

The Internet is unarguably a great way to do business.

At GH, we develop customized projects so the digital presence of your brand is aligned with your objectives and prepared to compete on the market. We seek to reach the best navigation results, considering the user?s experience as a base of study.

How we help

Back-end technology definition
Defining which programming language will be used, taking data persistence, business logic, information security and performance into account.
Site Architecture Development
Creating a system that structures the way information is accessed, presented and interlinked.
Content creation
The objective is delivering the best possible content to the user, taking into consideration the parameters of the most relevant search engines (Google, Bing, etc.)
Layout development
Building a web interface that is consistent, easy to use and aesthetically pleasant.
Web development
The process of building and testing the content and layouts defined in the previous steps.
A/B Testing
A/B tests are excellent tools because they offer real market feedback, which is measured precisely and based on data.

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